1. SAFETY Safety precaution to be observed in workshop / motor garage. Tools and Equipment : Hand Tools and equipment for performance measurement in Automobile Trade.

2. MOTER VEHICLE INDUSTRY- General idea of motor vehicle. Motor vehicle manufacturer in India. Indian Automobile and Accessories manufacturer.

3. ENGINE- General description of internal combustion engine. i) Principal of operation of 4 stroke diesel engines.ii)Material used for diesel engine parts.iii)Engines various parts and their functions.iv)Process of combustion and detonation.v) Different designs of combustion chambers 1. Diesel Engine : upkeep, maintenance and repairs and overhauling decarbonizing and troubleshooting. 2. Use of gauges like vacuum gauge, compression gauge, Stroboscope and dynamometer test. 3. Valve adjustment and valve timing diagram etc.

4. Definition of horse power, Mechanical efficiency, brake, horse power, cubic capacity etc. FUEL FEED AND EXHAUST SYSTEM -i) General layout of diesel fuel injection system.ii) Working of diesel fuel system parts like fuel pump, fuel filters, fuel injection pumps types or governors and their working.iii)Distributor type fuel injection pump working .iv)Fuel airlock removing.v)Injections and injectors testing. vi)Fuel feed pump parts.vii)Phasing and calibration of fuel Injection pump.viii) Replacing F. I. Pump from the Engine .ix)3Phase of Diesel fuel combustion. x)Fuel gauge.xi) Diesel as a Fuel, octane number, Air cleaner. xii) Trouble shooting and maintenance of fuel Injection system.xiii)Manifold and silencer muffler.xiv)Direct and indirect injection.

5. ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM-Necessity of Diesel Engine cooling types of Engine cooling systems Air cooling system - water cooling it's types and then working radiators construction parts in water cooling system thermostat water pump fan belt, Temperature gauge Radiator pressure cap De-aeration cooling system cooling system additives cooling system troubles and maintenance.

6. ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM-Necessity of lubrication. Types of lubricants used in motor vehicle Lubricant system & types of Lubrication system Plash lubrication, force feed lubrication mist lubrication Two stroke lubrication Parts in engine lubrication system their types & functions oil fitters by pass and pressure relief valve oil pump Oil pressure gauge Oil coolers Heat exchangers Automobile lubricants types liquid, semi solid and solid lubricants S.A./E. Number, Viscosity oil used oil used in Engine, Gear box, differentials etc. additives greases, chassis lubrication various types of Bearing used in motor vehicles lubrication system troubles and maintenance.

7. AUTOMOBILE ELECTRICITY-Necessity of electrical system, Working of Auto electricity construction, operation and maintenance and storage battery, dynamo, Alternator, starter Ignition system Inverter working of regulator cut-out of solenoid system Dashboard instruments seen on instrument panel their working and maintenance, use of meter such as ohmmeter, voltmeter, megger, multimeter and it's use, H.R.D. tester, Battery charger etc. care & maintenance of auto electrical system, Electronic Ignition system.

8. TRANSMISSION SYSTEM-I)Parts of the Transmission system.II) Clutch : Principle, Construction & Operation of various types. III) Gear box : Principle, Construction & Operation of various types. IV) Propeller shaft & universal Joints : Principal, Construction & Operation of various types. V) Final drive: Principle, Construction & Operation. VI) Rear Axle & Differential : Principal, Construction & Operation of various types. 4 wheel drive operation. VII) Various adjustments in transmission system, troubleshooting & remedies in transmission system.

9. BREAK SYSTEM-I)Necessity of breaks to motor vehicle.II)Various types of brakes system & their construction & operation.III)Disc Break & Drum Breaks, Vacuum Breaks.IV) Power breaks Air pressure breaks.V)Maintenance of break system.

10. STEERING SYSTEM-I)Necessity.II) Types of steering system. Power steering concept.III) Construction, operation & Maintenance of steering system. IV) Steering geometry & wheel alignment possible faults rectification.

11. SUSPENTION SYSTEM-1) Necessity.2)Types of suspension system it's parts & functions. 3)Construction & function of stub Axle & front Axle.4)Spring & shock absorbers.5)Air suspension 6)Faults & remedies.

12. WHEELS, TYRES & CHASSIS-I)Types & parts of wheels. II)Types of tyres Tyre construction & maintenance.III)Concept of radial tyres. Tyres size.IV) Various type of chassis constructions.V)-Tyres rotation.VI) Troubleshooting of tyres, suspension and steering system.